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Mira Nair Exclusive To Subhash K Jha On Nikita Pearl Waliga



Just 15, and certainly no age  to die. Ugandan child  prodigy  Nikita Pearl Waliga  who played a pivotal  part  in  Mira Nair’s film Queen Of Katwe, died of  an incurable  brain tumour  on February  15,

This  was  the second time Nikita was  diagnosed  with a brain tumour.

Earlier in 2016 she  was  diagnosed  with her first tumour while shooting for Mira  Nair’s Queen  Of Katwe. Since the  medical facilities in  Uganda were unable to cope with Nikita’s condition, Mira flew  the  girl down to India for  treatment  and took care  of  all the medical bills. Once again when the dreaded disease  struck  the child Mira  flew took care  of her medical expenses. But this  time, death had  its way.

 Mira was still in shock when I contacted  her.

 Mira said, “I am heartbroken. She was  too young.This was too soon. Nikita was a shining light and a fighter. We brought her to  India twice for her brain tumour operations, she got better, but the disease was incurable. May her spirit prevail. The Pioneers and Kool Kats of Katwe will miss her, as will we all.”

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