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Modelled On AB In Zanjeer , Radhe Would Have No Songs For Salman Khan



 If  in Dabangg 3 we saw  the  mischievous  side of  Salman Khan bubble to the surface . Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai would feature  him as a cop who barely smiles.

The serious  cop out to eradicate  crime  in Mumbai mean  business. Apparently  Salman Khan  will not sing  any  songs on screen.

 “Not this time,” says someone close  to the project. “Radhe is far more raw and real than Dabangg.  This time  Salman Khan  plays a  cop in Mumbai who won’t treat crime and criminals  lightly.The cop has  nothing  to  feel happy about. In that sense he is  like  Amitabh Bachchan Saab in Zanjeer. Very angry sullen and  no-nonsense.”

The role of  the angry cop in  Zanjeer which turned Mr Bachchan’s career around had  been turnred down by Dev Anand and Raj Kumar  because of the cop’s insistence  on not singing.

This time in Radhe  Salman Khan  is happy to go with the grim graph  of  Radhe’s character.Nothing Chulbul  about this  cop.

Salman Khan has never  taken on more work in his  entire career. Scarcely was he out of Dabangg 3 than he  started , and completed another feature film  Radhe Your  Most Wanted Bhai,the unofficial  sequel  to  Salman Khan -Prabhudheva’s Wanted.

While  Salman Khan  is now into shooting his third feature  film Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali in a  year, news comes that a team of writers at his  production house  are working on  an  Indianized  version of  the Steven Spielberg’s  iconic  franchise Indiana  Jones.

 The  hugely successful franchise featuring Harrison  Ford as  an adventurous  archeologist  took the global boxoffice by   storm   in the 1980s, Recently Spielberg and Ford announced  the  fifth film in the Franchise.

 What would Salman Khan’s  version  of  the  Franchise  be like?

According  to  a source  it would be very different  from what Harrison Ford  played.

“What will remain the same is the love of  the outdoors. Like Harrison Ford, Salman  will play a professional exploring virgin territories  for  various  adventures. The spirit  of the Indiana  Jones films will  remain intact. For long now, Salman has wanted to do something  adventurous  rugged  and outdoors.An Indianized Indiana Jones  is just what  the doctor  prescribed,” says  the source.

The character is  being developed for an ongoing franchise. It may be developed as Salman’s first  product  for  the OTT  platform.

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