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“My Birthday  Is As Usual With My Sons,” Zeenat Aman On turning A Year Older



Zeenat Aman

The  iconic Zeenat Aman who , as the freespirited  Janice  sang her way into superstardom with  Dum maro dum  in Hare Rama Hare Krishna turns  a  year  old  on November 19.

I  chatted with Zeenat hours before her birthday.

When  I asked her how  she  was  bringing in  her birthday she  said, “With my sons Azaan and Zahaan, as usual. I would have  it no other way. That birthday ritual remains unchanged.”

    Zeenat sees  her birthday  as  a karmic  cycle. “When I was younger and a daughter rather than a mother, I had to be with my mother for every birthday no matter where I happened to be. Now that sense of family kinship has been passed on to my sons.”

 Nowadays  she spends  a  lot of time  with her  boys. “I am the happiest when I am with them. They are good, well brought-up boys. I am very proud of them .They  are  busy with their work, composing  music, writing scripts, etc.”

 Zeenat  who  gave  a slew of superhits in the 1970s and 80s like Nasir  Hussain’s Yaadon Ki Baaraat,  Feroz Khan’s Qurbani, and Chandra Barot’s Don says  the roles  are no  longer  worth her while.  “I would rather spend time with  my sons and with myself. During my heydays  I  had no time  for anything but shooting.”

She says  she is grateful  for  the gift of  life. “I am happy with what I have. I don’t mean  to sound philosophical . But mortality is the reality of life. Every year  my birthday underlines that  reality. I am so grateful to  have  made it  so far.”

 I remind her she has generations of  admirers.

“And  a few genuine well-wishers. I am  grateful  for all  the  good things in life,” she  signs  off.

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