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“My Son Avitesh Is Going To Play His Father,” Says Vijayta Aadesh, Composer Aadesh Shrivastava’s Wife



Aadesh Shrivastava with his family

In  the rarest of rare  biopic, young promising new actor  Avitesh  will play his father, the  hugely talented  Aadesh Srivastava who passed away on September  5 in 2015 only a day after his  51st  birthday.

The  biopic is to be produced  by Mansi   Bagla and her  husband Varun.

Barely able to hold back her emotions, Vijaya who is a wellknown  singer and  the leading lady of the 1980s’  blockbuster  film Love Story, says  she has been waiting for her husband’s story to be told . “To have our son Avitesh play his father would  have made my husband so proud and happy. I am so grateful  and thankful to Mansi Bagla and her husband  Varun for thinking my husband’s  story to be  worth  telling.”

Vijayta  heart swells with pride as her son Avitesh will be seen playing his father. “You won’t believe this , but the producers  did not even do any audition or  screen  test to see if my son was  suited to play my husband. They just signed him  without any  second  thoughts. It makes me so proud because I know  my husband is watching us.”

Before being seen his father’s bio-pic Avitesh  is all set to make his acting debut  in  Sirf Ek Friday where   the talented  young  aspirant  plays  a Bollywood  struggler from a  privileged background.

Vijayta sadly informs that  no one  from the  entertainment industry came  forward  to  offer any kind  of help or support when her  husband passed away.  “I have faced  much hardship after my husband’s death. It’s been seven years since  he passed away. No one  from the  film fraternity came forward  to ask me how I am . No one offered  any kind of help  when I  was  left  alone to bring up two children. I had no one  to look after my two sons then. I have no one now.I have looked after my sons all on my own. I am all alone with my sons Avitesh  and Anivesh.”

Vijayta says her  younger son is  not  interested in a  film career. “Anivesh has  done his masters from Mumbai  University. He  told me doesn’t want to be part  of the film industry. Maybe because he has seen all of Aadesh’s friends from the industry turn their backs on us. I hold no grudges against anyone. All I ask is  for the  film industry and for those who loved Aadesh’s music to bless our  older son Avitesh as he  prepares  for a  career in acting.  Is that too much  to ask for?”

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