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‘Mystery Girl’ Spotted At Sushant’s Apartment After His Death



 The  conspiracy theories  surrounding  Sushant Singh Rajput’s death have  now reached a crescendo of  innuendos. The latest shot-in-the-dark  is a “mysterious woman” captured  by the CCT cameras  in  Sushant’s apartment  block , apparently after  Sushant’s death.

While the  poor  watchman  of the building is seen  on a news channel  in a  sting operation repeatedly refuting any knowledge about the  lady’s identity, a section of  the media insists  there  is more to  this  lady’s presence at the  scene of  the alleged crime than meets the eye.

With the  “mysterious  lady”  bombshell  blaring  an  accusing  narrative,  the net seems to be closing in on Rhea Chakraborty  who, its seems, has a lot of explaining to  do about her  financial  dealings with  Sushant and her whereabouts  at the time of  his death.

Experts say,  Rhea  won’t be able to dodge arrest  for too long now.

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