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Nana Patekar’s Slap Backfires, Massive  Outrage In Filmistan Against  His Action



Nana Patekar

The  viral venomous video of  actor Nana Patekar  wacking a stunned fan in Varanasi for trying to  take  selfie on an outdoor location for Anil Sharma’s film Journey has triggered  a massive outrage.

 Making it worse is the director Anil Sharma’s lame defence and Patekar’s own ludicrous justification that followed. The internet has gone ballistic with condemnation against Patekar’s  indefensible  action poring in.

Patekar would  be even  more disturbed to know  that he has zero support within the  film industry. Several  actors  and  filmmakers that this writer spoke to  condemned   the actor’s behaviour off the record.

 An actor  who has worked with  Patekar is heavily critical of the veteran’s behaviour. “You can’t  be rude to your fans, let alone rough them up. It’s just not done. Nana should be grateful he still has fans instead of  antagonizing them. He’s known to get physically violent. He slapped X(the source names a well known producer-director who worked  in the past with Patekar and recent scored a  sleeper hit) and  many others.”

The  veteran  actor now  faces an unofficial boycott in  Filmistan(poorly known as Bollywood).

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