Nargis Fakhri Returns In Sachin Joshi’s Film

The very beautiful Nargis Fakhri is back after leaving Bollywood in a  huff. She will now be seen  with actor-producer Sachiin  Joshi in the supernatural thriller  Amavas which  open on January 11.

But hang on. This doesn’t mean Nargis has forgotten the  grim experiences she had  in  the Hindi  film industry.

Says a  source in the know, “Even now Nargis is  not ready to come back to Mumbai.She agreed to do Amavas  only because it was shot entirely  outside India on London.”

Nargis Fakhri’s chilling  experience  of being   harassed  by unwanted male  attention  drove her out  of  the  Indian film industry.

A friend  of  the actress says, “There came  a day when she  just couldn’t take  the persistent calls and passes any more and decided  to quit  Bollywood and India.”

When Nargis declined to  entertain  the  pesky  attention  she was dropped from projects .One fine day she was dropped from the one project that she had  with a superstar. When  she confronted the director he  shrugged helplessly and  advised her to ask her superstar-costar. Nargis preferred  to move on.

Says the source, “No way was she going to give in. On the other hand, just  staying on   in India on her  own  terms  was becoming  more and  more tough. Producers would tell her to loosen  up, socialize .They would ask her why being a  New Yorker,  was she so uptight. They think girls in the West are  more generous with sexual  favours. But there was  no chance in hell that she was going to  give in.”

Nargis  simply left the  country.   The lesson  she leaves behind is one of gross power abuse and standing  up to it. There are a number of  top stars in  Bollywood who are prime sexual offenders Some of them  are being seen  as the sensitive masculine  face  of the MeToo movement. The day those  powerful faces are unmasked the  Movement  would finally mean something  in India


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