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Naseeruddin Shah Responds To Health Inquiry: “Investigations On”



Naseeruddin Shah

Sadly, two  national treasures  from  the Indian film industry Dilip Kumar  and Naseeruddin Shah found  themselves in  hospital simultaneously this week. This is Dilip Saab’s second  visit to the hospital  in a month. At 98 he is at a precarious juncture of  his  life.

Naseeruddin Shah  on the  other hand is  a sprightly 70, still  a long way to go. As  someone who has  known him  for  decades I was  immediately concerned.

When  I reached  out to Naseer Saab asking if he has  been hospitalized   he replied, “Patch on the lung, investigations on. Thanks for your good wishes.”

In  May 2020 there were rumours  of  another health scare for Naseer Saab. When I had connected  with Naseer Saab, one of the most straight-talking artistes and  undoubtedly the most brilliant actor since  Dilip Kumar, he told me the health issues were all the  inventions of  media  stormers out to get hits  by hook or crook.

In  May 2010 there was  another exaggerated health scare. When I had  asked Naseer Saab about his health his reply  was  characteristically wry. “The alarming reports about my health were fictitious. It was nothing serious. Just a bout of vertigo. It was troublesome. I had to get a scan done. So I was flown from Coorg where I was shooting to Bangalore. Some of the reportage about my health seems more wishful than sympathetic.”

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