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Nawazuddin’s Marital Woes Multiply!



Nawazuddin Siddiqui 

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s lie  about sending a legal  defamation notice  to his wife has been nailed by his wife . His PR team had  put out  a story that  he  had   sent a  a legal  notice  to his wife Anjana Anand  Kishore Pandey(nee Aliya Siddiqui)  for defamation and also claimed  that contrary to her  claims he has been paying for his  children’s maintenance all along.

However in a conversation that his wife taped, one can  hear Nawaz sheepishly mumbling that  he has not sent  her  any  notice but may soon  do so.

To this  his wife is  heard saying  he is walking on slippery grounds.

And she  is right. Nawaz  will have to quietly comply with  his wife’s requests  ,or  be prepared for a messy public  expose of  all the skeletons  that are apparently  waiting to tumble  out of his  cupboard.

While his legal team  has put an embargo  on Nawazuddin’s  public  voice,  it can  safely be said that  Nawaz  is not  ready for  a bitter legal battle ahead.

A  source  close  the development  reveals, “Nawaz wanted it all done  amicably. He  never wanted the  differences between his wife and him to be made public. He  wanted the divorce  to be quiet and  amicable. But  it’s gone into  the  public domain.”

There will be a lot of muck-raking from  both parties  in  the coming weeks and months. Nawaz who is grappling with a number  of domestic  problems  simultaneously(besides  his  impending divorce, his niece has accused  his  brother of  improper behaviour) would  want  his children  to be spared  the pain  and  suffering.

“Nawaz wants to  start  his life on a clean slate. But his two children  will always be  a part  of that slate,”says the  source.

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