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Neil Nitin Mukesh Fractures His Thumb



Neil Nitin Mukesh

Bypass Road has been  the  most  physically exhausting  film  of  Neil Nitin  Mukesh’s career.

“Both emotionally and  physically, this film and character  was  a killer.I play a character confined  to a wheelchair throughout the film. It wasn’t easy. I had  to learn how to manoeuvre the  wheelchair  .And since it was a manual  wheelchair  my thumb got stuck in  the wheel  and  it broke,”  shudders  Neil.

That was not deal  Neil desired to crack.

 That  wasn’t the end  of his  ordeal.

“Worst was waiting for me. For  a long stretch of shooting I  had to crawl on the floor using only my  hands, as I play a characters whose legs are not usable. It  was the most exhausting thing I’ve done in my life. But it’s all been worth it. Bypass Road has turned  out  exactly the way my brother Naman(who directs  the  film) and  visualized  it.  It is original and  it keeps audiences  guessing  till the end,” says Neil confidently.

Neil  says  the  film is  shot in India  because the script demanded  it.  “My very kind  producer Madan  Paliwal  wanted  to shoot in London because we were  promised  subsidies. But  that wasn’t what I visualized  for my plot.I wanted to shoot it  in Mumbai and explore the  Mumbaikars’ relationship with Alibaug  as  the  getaway place for the  rich and propertied, much  in  the same way as  New Jersey is for New Yorkers.”

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