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Netflix Sources Call Urvashi Rautela’s  Bluff



Urvashi Rautela

Starlet Urvashi Rautela and her team  are willing to go to any lengths  to keep her in the news. Almost  every day a tacky publicity pitch is thrown into the  press by her  emphatically active marketing team.

The latest salvo  from that  quarter  is  a statement from Ms Rautela’s that she was paid a  whopping Rs 15 crores  for  a brief appearance in Netflix’s  annual roast video where actors from Netflix shows are shown mocking their own products .

A  fun sporting  annual ritual, with  no commercial interests, Urvashi Rautela’s team  claims she received 15 crores  for her fleeting appearance in the fun video.

 However well-informed Netflix sources completely deny this claim.

“She received nothing of  the sort. It’s a fun video. If any money exchanged hands  at all it would be  a  very very small fraction  of what she claims,” says  the Netflix source , adding that most of the  actors seen  in the video did it for free.

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