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Newsbreak: Kabir Khan Heckled & Shoe-Pelted At Karachi Airport



According to sources, director Kabir Khan heckled at Karachi airport for making ‘anti-Pakistan’ film

It was Kabir’s first time in Karachi, a visit to speak at Marketing Association of Pakistan’s annual marketing conference, MARCON.

When asked to explain the seemingly contrasting agendas of his latest films,Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Phantom, he said:

“The purpose of Phantom was to show that there are some factions in both countries that will always try to prevent people to people contact. I strongly believe that whenever terrorists attacks occur, the media of both our countries create a ruckus, which colours the percepton of the people. But when a Chand Nawab and a Bajrangi meet, there will always be friendship.”

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