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No, Aryan Khan Didn’t Cry “Inconsolably” During NCB’s Interrogation



Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan Case: Trust the  media to turn a family tragedy into  a soap opera. It’s bad  enough that Shah Rukh Khan and his family are subjected to  an unprecedented  media scrutiny.

But to  add  melodrama  to the situation is quite simply unpardonable.

 A close family friend  of the Khans says  it is unlikely that Aryan Khan  would break down  during questioning. “He’s  tough boy. And he  knows he has done no wrong. Attending a party doesn’t  make you party to the  drug consumption. It is  most unlikely that Aryan  wept ‘inconsolably’ .I have never seem  weep even when he was a child. Who saw him  weeping? Was  he interrogated  with media cameras in the room?”

 The  close friend who  has watched Aryan grow up feels  Shah Rukh’s son  is being made a part of  a big soap opera. “An Ekta Kapoor  kind of serial  with loud music and hysterical tears,  though I know  for a fact  that Ekta would never make  a serial on  Shah Rukh’s troubles.She loves and respects him too much. We  all do. We are  trying to figure  out  why Aryan is being made into an example.” 

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