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No Corona In Fukrey 3, Says Director



No Corona In Fukrey 3, Says Director 10

Reports   that   the  next instalment  of  the  Fukrey franchise  will incorporate  plot points  pertaining to the  Corona  virus have been effectually shut down  by director Mrighdeep Lamba who  denies   having ever made  any such  statement  .

Says Lamba, “It is  not true at all. This  is hardly an issue that can be slipped  into a plot as an afterthought.This is a misreport.”

Lamba who is currently writing Fukrey  3  says  the incorporation  of  the coronavirus in this film is  out of the question. “This story has  nothing to do with Covid 19. Even I was  surprised when I read  that  I was incorporating  the virus in my  film when in  fact I said we won’t  incorporate  such a grim and sensitive  issue  forcibly  into Fukrey 3.”

However he doesn’t rule out making a fresh independent  film based on the  virus. “If I get a good idea  for  a film on  the  coronovirus  I will do it. But I repeat Fukrey 3 has nothing to do with the virus.”

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