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No Delay In Release Of Gangubai Kathiawadi



Gangubai Kathiawadi

The  30 July release date  of one  of this year’s most  anticipated  film Gangubai Kathiawadiremains  unchanged  in spite  of  director Sanjay Leela Bhansali(SLB) and a few crew members  contracting the  Covid   .Sources say  the shooting is almost done.

“There was  just one day  of shooting with Ajay Devgan  remaining, when  SLB was  tested positive  for Covid. As soon as he  recovers he  will  complete  that  one day’s shooting. Then  only  the patchwork  and post-production remain,” says the  informed source.

 For those who came in  late,the  shooting  of  Sanjay Bhansali’s  Gangubai Kathiawadi was  halted  when Covid19 hit civilization  in March  2020. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s  GangubaiKathiawadi, his   first real-life crime drama featuring Alia Bhatt in the title role, was  back  on the track in  September 2020 at Film  City  under the strictest  of  precautionary  measures.

A   source  from the  unit reported,  “We  restarted shooting with only  50  people in  the crew. For a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film  that’s almost nothing. But then something is better than nothing.We were e just happy to be  back shooting.”

Everyone was  masked  on  the set  except when facing the camera. Everyone  was  tested for Covid twice a week.Alia Bhatt  and her co-star  Shantanu Maheshwari  maintain a  cordial distance when not facing the camera.

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