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No Intimate  Scenes After  Coronavirus, Says A Major  Director



 To answer   director Shoojit Sircar’s question on how intimate  scenes  will be shot after  the virus  scare is a over, a  major  director whose  heroine-oriented  film is  under production tells me, “There  will be no intimate scenes , at least not in my film.We will all be shooting with masks  and  gloves. The actors will take these off for their shot and  put them on again once the shoot is over. Social  distancing  will be  observed  on the set.There will be minimum  conversation on  the sets. Every one  will stay in their own vans  until called  for a shot,” says  the  director who had planned a key lovemaking sequence between his  popular heroine and  the newcomer who has been cast  opposite her  .

“But now I am scrapping the love making. We  will have to revert to the days  of showing flowers  kissing  .Or maybe we can achieve some kind of intimacy through computer graphics…I don’t know.Everything is uncertain  at the moment. But yes, no intimacy.”

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