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No Salman Khan In Rakesh Sharma’s Bio-pic



Salman khan

 It  looks  like the iconic astronaut Rakesh Sharma won’t get a cinematic  avatar ( off course not Salman Khan)  any time in  the near  future. The proposed  bio-pic   on India’s first astronaut to  land on  the moon(no, it isn’t  titled  Moonwalk, it’s  Sare Jahan Se Achcha) has gone through a  number  of cast  upheavals and is yet to  get a green signal from  any actor.

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Sare Jahan se Achcha  first went to  Aamir Khan. But then he  decided to spend three years doing a large-screen version of the  Mahabharat(which he eventually dropped).  Aamir  recommended the  film to Shah  Rukh Khan who said yes but then after his space-flying  misadventures in  Aanand Rai’s Zero Shah Rukh opted out.

The project then went  to Ranbir Kapoor(who on principle has decided to do no bio-pics in future having played only one  real-life character Sanjay Dutt so far) and  even Vicky Kushal(who preferred to play Udham Singh).

 Now  one  reads  that  the project has gone  to   Salman Khan   . However  reliable  sources say there is no truth to  this casting brainwave.

“Salman Khan has not been approached to  play Rakesh Sharma. At the moment producer  Siddharth Roy Kapur is making every effort  to  rope  in an A-list actor.”

It is strange that a film based on the life of an iconic hero who brought such glory to India faces a  casting crisis.

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