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Ok Computer: Nothing OK About It



OK Computer(Disney-Hotstar)

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Hold me  back.Please. I want to touch the feet of all the geniuses  who have  contributed to this  magnum-dopus. And I do mean  dopus…when  an opus  is  put together  by a doped  team  it is  dopus, right?

So do  make yourself visible , all you  wizards  of   the web world so I can pay my respects.  I must confess  that this is  the  first webseries which I  haven’t understood fully…or rather I haven’t understood  at all, hence fully.Pardon my tendency to explain the punchlines, I am stricken with fits of intellectual inadequacy after  sitting  through 40×6(that is  6 episodes  of  40 minutes each) of brain-hammering inanity.

 Or , so its seemed to me. This may be  my failing as a non-enlightened  viewer. I  mean this is how  a large section of  viewers reacted to Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali andMani Kaul’s  Duvidha.Ok  Computer  joins those  great  works of cerebral  masturbation  created entirely and solely for  the  entertainment  of the director and his dedicated soldiers.  Co-directors  Neil Pagedar  and  Pooja Shetty, writers  Anand Gandhi,Neil Pagedar and  Pooja Shett. I look on those  creators of  this anarchic work of  disembodied art with awe  and  admiration.

You may be wondering why I have not so far said anything about the plot  of this futuristic  feel-crude experience.  I have my reasons. For one ,narrating the  plot of a series I’d rather forget would  cause me serious emotional damage(are the  makers of the series willing to fund my  medicals  bills?). Also, I have to confess I am not sure what  this whole  heretic hullabaloo is all about.

There is a murder, a scowling cop played by Vijay Varma  who hates  robots. There is Radhika Apte who loves  robots. Kani Kusruti  plays fk-knows-what.She keeps changing  clothes and  loyalty and the drop of  a (computer) hack. Kani tries hard to see the humour of it all. She is a brave woman.The only humour I can see  in Ok Computer is  the freedom that  I have to switch  off whenever  I want. But some perverse streak in me kept me  watching till the end. I hoped that the Robot named Ajeeb  would stop  annoying me with his grating voice which sounds  like  a nagging old woman who keeps pestering  you with her demands.

Now that I’ve finished watching Ok Computer  my  life has changed forever. I look with  kindness at  Coolie No 1  and Madame Chief  Minister. I  look at walnuts with  new eyes now after hearing someone in the baffling  series  say, “Do you  like walnuts? I love walnuts.”

I  used to.

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