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Patna Is Abuzz With Rhea Chakraborty’s Impending Arrest



With the late and  immeasurably  missed  Sushant  Singh Rajput’s father  K K Singh filing a detailed FIR against his  former girlfriend  Rhea Chakraborty the case has taken a  sharp swerve away from the  profusion of conspiracy theories which were swarming the  social-media platform.

 Besides  Rhea,the FIR names  five others including  Rhea’s  parents and brother.

In the detailed FIR,of which I have a copy, Sushant’s father makes extremely  grave  allegations against  Rhea and her  family  under IPC sections 341, 342, 380, 406, 420,306.

Apart from  direct and damning  charges of misappropriating  Sushant’s  money and  arbitrarily transferring crores of  rupees  from  his  account into  unknown accounts, Sushant’s father has  also alleged that Rhea  and her  family wouldn’t  allow  him  to  speak to his son , that whenever he called  her family would  stand in the way of  his communication  with  his son.

Sushant’s father  reveals that  Sushant   wanted to  practice organic farming in Coorg  with his  friend Mahesh. But when Rhea came to know this  she threw a fit and threatened to expose his health  condition  to the media .

On  Sushant mental health,  Sushant father implies that Rhea was responsible  for his son’s condition. He also  implies in the FIR that Rhea  was  in cahoots with  the doctors whom  she had chosen  for his treatment.

With news of  Sushant’s  74-year old father finally speaking up in the matter of his  son’s  death  , the  people  of   the city want  Rhea’s immediate arrest and thorough investigations into Rhea and  her family’s alleged  complicity in Sushant’s death.

Sushant’s father has  also  alleged that the Maharashtra  police have so far not done a  good job of investigating  his  son’s death.

We do hope Rhea has  hired a  good team of  lawyers  for herself.  Because it looks like  a tough legal battle  for  her ahead. 

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