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Police Complaint Against Ekta Kapoor For Vulgar Content



A  police complaint  filed by former Bigg Boss contestant calling himself  Hindustani Bhau  could land the  tv czarina and her mother Shobhaa Kapoor in serious trouble.

 In the complaint the  gentleman pulls up Ekta and her mom for  producing a webseries  titled  XXX which disrespects  the Indian army by showing an army wife not only making  out with  her lover while her husband is  on the battlefront  but also making the  lover wear her husband’s army uniform  during the illicit act.

The above content is available for all to see  and evaluate.Speaking as  an Indian and a content reviewer I am horrified at  the cheap distasteful  innuendos of the show  and recommend the strongest action against the perpetrators  of  the  above  atrocity  .

In  her defence we  must say Ekta  Kapoor  may not be aware of  the content  of every episode of every  series she produces. In that case she needs  to get  reliable filters on  board before another  series  embarrasses her reputation.

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