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Pooja Bhatt Gets Steamy With Rahul Bose After 19 Years



The  gorgeous  Pooja Bhatt long missing from the screen  is back in the eminently engaging  webseries  Bombay Begums  on  Netflix.

“And look at  the coincidence. I have Rahul Bose  as my co-star  again in  my comeback role. The last  time I  faced the camera, it was for Everybody Says I’m Fine in 2002 which was with Rahul and   directed by Rahul,”chuckles  Pooja  at  the  vital   vicissitudes  of  life during a  lengthy  interview with  me.

Without giving away  the plot it would be  suffice to say that Pooja  and  Rahul share many intimate  moments  together.In fact Rahul Bose’s guest appearance  in  Bombai Begums is almost a cue  for some heavyduty PDA(private  display  of  affection).

“Somehow our destinies are  intertwined,” Pooja sighs.

Pooja  remembers  being  offered  a role in Rahul Bose’s directorial  debut in 2011:  “The last person who  was brave enough to cast me was Rahul Bose in Everybody Says I’m Fine. He gave me no choice. He is my dearest friend . I confided in him about how disillusioned I was by the business of cinema and stardom. He offered me a role. I was aghast. ‘What kind of a friend  are you? I just told you I’m sick of the industry and you’re offering me a role???!!!’ He insisted that only I could play Tanya  in Everybody Says I  Am Fine . But I am so glad he insisted.I am indebted to him

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