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Pooja Bhatt On The Negativity Surrounding Sadak 2



It isn’t easy being a  Bhatt  in Bollywood at this point in  time.

While Alia Bhatt is under attack for allegedly  being a privileged  product of  nepotism , her father Mahesh Bhatt is being linked  to  Sushant Singh Rajput’s death in all kinds  of  bizarre and sordid ways.

As  though there  wasn’t enough trouble   already  , Sanjay Dutt,  the  film’s leading man  has been  diagnosed with  cancer.

In an exclusive  chat, Sadak 2’s producer  Pooja Bhatt says she has  resolved to  relegate the negativity to the ‘disposable’ bin.  “I focus on the path ahead. Sadak2 has been the most fulfilling and enriching journey for each and every person to have worked on it. As is said,it’s never the destination but the path that leads to it that makes life what it is.”

     Pooja   who played the  main female  lead  in  the  Sadak  in 1991 is  now  a picture  hanging on the wall in Sadak 2.

Pooja laughs, “I am more than that. I had the privilege of working with my father as an associate director  in Sadak 2. Life has certainly come full circle in more ways than one.I   feel blessed and privileged to be still working on something I love,and with a team I love even more at a time when the world is grappling with uncertainty due to covid 19.”

Amidst all the  negativity  Pooja  urges the audience to approach  Sadak 2 with an  open mind. “Just watch the film with an open  heart. If it touches you,spread the word. If it doesn’t,still spread the word. Sanju (Dutt) is brilliant in the film. Do give him his due if you feel his performance is worthy enough. That’s all I ask.”

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