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Priyanka Chopra’s Faux Pas



Priyanka Chopra

That  was one  hellraiser  of a podcast  entitled Armchair Expert  with  Dax  Shepard that Priyanka Chopra Jonas  participated  in. It was not about her having a  beef with Bollywood.If only she hadn’t porked  people  with a beef, she  wouldn’t have had to chicken out.

It’s more to do with how  ill-informed she came across  at  one  point  in the  otherwise spunky and articulate  conversation.

When the  interviewer referred  to RRR as a  Bollywood  film(which in  spirit  RRR is)  she “corrected” him saying RRR was a  “Tamil” film.

For  someone  who  has  so  passionately   been  championing  equity  honest transparency ,it is  an inexcusable  faux pas .

Incidentally, Priyanka  started her career  with a Tamil film Thamizhan in 2002. In Telugu, she  was  part  of  the  RRR hero Ramcharan’s  Toofan, which  was  Zanjeer in Hindi.

Priyanka has been closely  mentoring RRR in its American journey….all the time  thinking  it to be a Tamil film???!!!!

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