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Priyanka Pisses Bipasha Off?


Marriages are meant to be occasions of shared happiness. Or, so Priyanka Chopra thought when she tweeted about  Bipasha Basu’s wedding to the current love of her life KaranSingh Grover.

Little did Priyanka know she would upset  the bride-to-be .

Says a source in the know, “Bipasha was very upset when Priyanka tweeted about the wedding.She wanted her wedding to be a private affair. When Priyanka tweeted about it ,Bipasha had to issue a press release announcing her marriage.”

Priyanka Chopra and bipasha basu

One can’t blame Priyanka for sharing the news.Says the source, “She is away  in the US and had no idea that Bipasha wanted it kept a secret.”

Wonders why Bipasha would want to keep something as happy as her marriage a secret!

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