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Rabia & Olivia Belongs In The Trashcan



Rabia & Olivia 

Rabia & Olivia(Disney+Hotstar)

Rating: 0 stars

Before making any comments on this  commotion  picture masquerading as a motion picture, I have a question for Disney+Hotstar:  who approves such  unpalatable conspicuously  clumsy and  ill-conceived  content for streaming?

Is there anything like quality control on at this streaming platform? If there was  , we wouldn’t be subjected to a tortuous tale  of a traumatized Canadian girl child Olivia (Helena Prinzen Klague) and  an  illegal immigrant from India Rabia(Nayab Khan) who heals Olivia ,weans her away from  dangerous medication and ….well, what follows  can only be described as water  off a  dead duck’s back.


Barring Sheeba Chaddha, who plays the heroine’s  face-timing mother, the actors  all seem to be hired  for reasons other than their acting skills.

The  film is said to be directed by one Shadab Khan. I didn’t see any sign of direction anywhere. The  characters hang around awkwardly wondering what they  should say and do next. One  incidental  character is heard commenting about another, “Ignore him , he is beech ka,” meaning,if I am not mistaken, he is  gay, hence should not be taken seriously.

Serious slurs are  the  least  of  the problems here. The footage seems to have been edited by a team of amateurs. The  film is  shot in Canada. But location doesn’t really matter. No matter how we look at Rabia  & Olivia, the writing on the  wall is  clear:who the  duck let this one in?

Just  like  the illegal  immigrant  Rabia, this  maladroit witless  misadventure  should  not have made  it  past the checkpost.

Heads  should roll for this one.

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