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Rajiv Rai On 29 Years Of Mohra



Rajiv Rai’s Mohra released  on  1 July 1994 was  an instant moneyspinner. Featuring an arresting ensemble  cast  of Naseeruddin Shah,  Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon its USP was  the hit songs Tu cheez badi hai mast mast and  Tip tip barsa pani.

Speaking on the film Rajiv surprises  by confessing he didn’t have much hope  about the success of Mohra when  it released. “I never thought the film will do well. Nobody liked the previews or trials. In my mind I was confident and somewhat certain that it was a good product, but you can never be sure about public reactions.”

Rajiv feels Mohra was a victim  of  pre-release  prejudices. “ Before release it was badly misjudged. The critics gave the worst ratings ever which was a letdown to me.But it woke me up to their judgement and I never take them seriously. It never was a film for the Oscars or critics to relish on.”

Mohra, says Rajiv, was  one for the masses. “It was purely for the masses whom I adore and for my Dad(eminent producer  Gulshan Rai)’s legacy, and dedicated towards my mothers prayers for her son.”

After  the savage reviews of Mohra Rajiv Rai lost faith in critics. “From that day, oddly, I stopped believing in critics.But I don’t blame them. It didn’t affect the business. Later everyone conveniently changed their minds and  opinions.”

Speaking on  the hit songs by Viju Shah Rajiv says, “The songs were an integral part of the film, and contributed to the immense success and the film becoming a timeless blockbuster; and I’m forever eternally grateful to Viju Shah and  Anand Bakshi for their relentless dedication, and for delivering the evergreen music.”

Rajiv gets emotional recalling the experience of making  Mohra.  “I’m grateful to each and every  actor and  technician  who contributed to this project. It’s never a one-man show ; we all know that. The cast, specifically Suniel Shetty, worked very hard. Naseer was always and will be my favourite and Akshay’s charm continues to dazzle till today. I’m glad Raveena agreed to do Tip Tip song and trust me , she put her heart and  soul into this film. Every actor was fantastic. We’ll celebrate 30 years, hopefully with my new film ZORA, due to release next year! Fingers Crossed!”

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