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Rajkummar Rao On What Makes Mahi Such A Favourite Of The  Nation



Now that  producer  Karan Johar and  director Sharan Sharma’s Mr & Mrs Mahi is doing well, its leading man Rajkummar Rao  took time off the  analyze the film’s success. “We all love cricket and cinema in our country. And Mahi has both to offer. Like all of us I also love cricket as I’ve grown up in Gurgaon and cricket has been a very integral part of my upbringing. Everyday post school two  hours were dedicated to Gully Cricket and I was a decent player. I’ve very fond memories of watching World Cup matches with my whole family as a kid.”

Raj  had to  o go through some professional cricket training for the film. “Gully cricket and professional cricket are two very different things. I had to go through some sessions to get a knack of the technical aspect of the game and then to be around coaches just to observe them and their style and body language but for me my character is going through his own internal journey throughout the film. Sharan Sharma is a phenomenal filmmaker and he gave me all the freedom to explore my character Mahendra. We built him together from the scratch.”

Raj absolutely loved working with Janhvi Kapoor after Roohi. “She is hungry for good parts and an actor who is ready to push herself every time. We were always there for each other during the course of filming. I’ve seen her growth since her first film and she is just growing with every film. She is a really talented girl who is here for right reasons. Apart from that She is a dear friend and it’s always fun to work with friends.”

Raj  reveals he loves playing fictional and real characters. “Both have their own kind of preparation process but I enjoy playing both. I love playing Mr Mahi as much as I love playing Vicky from Stree. I am in love with my art form. This was my only dream since I was a kid and I worked very hard for it and still working very hard to grow with every film and am so grateful that I get to live my dream everyday. God has been really kind to me.”

Raj had a hit earlier  this month.  “In my opinion the inspiring story of Srikanth really connected well with the audience and the hard work that we had put in to make this story also worked I guess. We love watching true stories on screen and what Srikanth has achieved in life makes it his highly aspiring for everyone to experience.Every film has its own journey. Mr and Mrs Mahi is very close to my heart. It’s a beautiful story about relationships be it Husband Wife, Father son and about dreams, Aspirations, Success, Failures, Egos. There is something for everyone in this film. I am very sure of the fact that we have made a good film and a film about all of us.”

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