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Raju Srivastava, Voices Speak On His Death



Raju Shrivastava

Kapil Sharma:  “Kya kahe, mann udaas hai bahut, I am   in Dubai, kal  jab utha to pehli khabar yahi mili ke Raju Bhai chale gye, bahut jaldi chale gye, jab bhi  milte they bahut pyaar aur samman aur ashirwad dete they, bahut kuch seekha unse, Bhagwaan unko apne charno me sthaan den aur pariwar ko is dukh ki ghadi se ubharne ki shakti de.”

Karanvir Vohra :  “We have not only lost a good human being, we have lost an angel, an angel who would always put a smile on our faces, for that few minutes of watching Raju ji, i would airways forget about everything and just would have a smile on my face….Raju ji will be missed and remembered forever.”

Shatrughan Sinha:  “Raju Srivastava  was a formidable  talent. He was  funny without being vulgar . he  never resorted  to  double-meaning jokes. Nor did he make fun of  individuals or institutions. He was a true humorist, like Johnny Walker,  Mehmood , Jerry Seinfeld  and  Robin  Williams. No slapstick no gimmicks. I had the  opportunity to work with him in one of my first films  Bombay To Goa. We were both new then, so was  Amitabh Bachchan who  played the romantic lead  . I played the villain. Raju was  a big Bachchan fan and  his early fame came  from doing impeccable  imitations  of the famous  Bachchan  mannerisms. These  imitations were never malicious,more like  a fan playing a  homage. There  was  never a malicious bone  in Raju’s body. He   gave us much laughter  and sunshine without  targeting anyone.”

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