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Ram Gopal Varma Offends Gulzar, Urmila Distances Herself From Satya Celebrations



When  Ram Gopal Varma’s by far best-known work Satya completed  25 years on July 3,the film’s leading lady Urmila Matondkar preferred  to  maintain a distance  from the euphoria, except  for a  pertinent media post on how her  performance was neglected for all the awards for Satya.

Shockingly in an  interview on Film Companion where the Satya team spoke about the film Urmila  was conspicuous by her absence, although Shefali Shah who had a mere 10-minute role in Satya was  present.

Urmila  is  not mistaken in her feeling of isolation. Some of her  best  scenes  were cut in Satya , and so was  her beautiful haunting Lata Mangeshkar melody Geela geela pani which  to this day Urmila considers one of her best written, composed and filmed songs.

In the  Film Companion interview Ramu  impetuously insulted Gulzar who wrote  Geela geela pani  for Satya.

Said Ramu, “I don’t remember, maybe it was Anurag (Kashyap) who said, ‘But paani is geela, what is geela paani?’ So, to counter it, we told him that ‘geela paani’ Vishal has already written for Maachis, and the word has been used in songs already. ‘So one more will come, what’s the problem,’ Gulzar said, which is also true.”

Ramu also said Gulzar Saab “screwed up” the lyrics  of Goli maar seene mein   in  Satya.

While Gulzar Saab refrained from reacting this this loutish outburst  of arrogance,an individual  very close  to the poet had  a very harsh  response  to Ramu’s  insensitive remarks: “Ram Gopal Varma would  say anything to  get noticed.After so long someone actually wanted to interview him. This  was his chance  to get noticed . So he  chose the most respected target from his Satya team. I hope he is happy. Does he  even look at the cinema he has been making in recent years? I am asking because nobody else does.”

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