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Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan Returns To Doordarshan, Moti Sagar Reacts



We can call it a collateral gain. But Ramanand  Sagar’s series  Ramayan telecast on  national television thirtyfive years   ago, has  benefited the most from the demoniacal debacle of  Om Raut’s  Adipurush, now  counted  among the  biggest  boxoffice  disasters of all times and incontrovertibly  the  worst  screen  adaptation  of  the Ramayan ever.

Every since Adipurush hit theatres audiences have been comparing it unfavourably  to Sagar’s Ramayan.Not surprisingly  Sagar’s  Ramayan is  all set for a telecast  from July 3  every  evening at 7.30 pm.

Reacting to this development, Moti Sagar, son of  Ramanand Sagar says, “We have been hearing the love  and  affection of the public for Papaji’s serial. I could sense  there  was  a growing need  to bring it back. Ramayan had been telecast  during the pandemic, and the joy and reverence with which it was received by the public was  the same  as when it was first telecast thirty six years ago.The Ramayan  is timeless. And I am so glad that  our series has withstood the  test of time.”


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