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Ramcharan On Good Morning America Was Sketchy & Pluggy




Just 4 minutes …That’s all Ramcharan got  on  ABC’s Good Morning, America show. To begin with, the  focus  of conversation was  the song Naatu Naatu. So shouldn’t its composer  Keeravani have  accompanied  the actor?

The entire brief and bland  conversation was about the song and how it is the  first occasion when an  Indian  song  has made such a global impact.

All this, we known, so what’s new?

Well, apparently we Indians  call Rajmouli the  ‘Steven Spielberg of India’ .So Ramcharan claimed. I have not heard anyone call Rajamouli  that. And thank Goodness!  How would Spielberg like being called  ‘the Rajamouli of Hollywood’?

The three correspondents had obviously been briefed  to  play up  Ramcharan’s superstardom to the optimum. One of them even commented on Ramcharan’s “swag”.

“I am trying to act humble,” was Ramcharan’s reply.

Come again?

The  only  question and answer that seemed  genuine was  when  Ramcharan was quizzed  about his  impending  parenthood. Ramcharan  cribbed  goodnaturedly about this pregnancy happening when he has no time.

“I am just packing and unpacking suitcases,” he cribbed

And what  does the valet do?

One of the  correspondents was apparently  a gynecologist and she offered to travel all around the world with Ramcharan  and his wife.

All  in jest of course. The  entire  interview seemed like  a joke.

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