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Ramu’s Rant Against Dear Comrade Reeks Of Resentment (& Alcohol)



As  someone  who has known Ram Gopal Varma, aka Ramu, for  more than two decades, it really saddens me to see him reduced to the role of fellow-filmmaker Puri Jagganadh’s unpaid(?) publicist.

It is fine for friends to stand by fellow-filmmakers. But Ramu’s antics during the release  of  his dear friend’s crass misogynist  film Ismart Shankar  go beyond friendly support. His aggressive  loud  PR for this aggressive and loud film, which includes video-filmed  incidents of street rowdyism and  wild partying, seems motivated  by an urge to get even with all those  big names  from the Telugu film industry who have offended Ramu simply by being successes: a condition that Ramu has not experienced for  the  last  20 years.

Hence  a tweet which clearly took  a swipe at Vijay Deverakonda’s film Dear Comrade had many  in the Telugu film industry wondering if the Satya /Company filmmaker   finally decided to quit Telugu cinema as well.

“Why else would he  antagonize everyone who matters  in the Telugu film industry? In recent times Ramu has  mocked many big names from the Telugu industry.No one wants to work with him anyway. So he feels he  might as well be obnoxious about  those who make a difference.”

 Ramu’s tweet clearly  targeted  at  Vijay Deverakonda  reads, “is issmart shankar more Issmart

than nonissmart comrade or is nonissmart comrade not more issmart than Shankar? Truth only RAM’s VIJAYam knows.”

 While Vijay Deverakonda refrained from comment  a source close to the star  commented, “This is the malaise  that has gripped  the Telugu film industry. Factionalism and groupism are destroying the  very foundation of  the  film industry.We all should be happy if a  film does well. But  why target and  mock other  films while trying to  celebrate  your own film?”

A source very close to a major Telugu superstar wonders what the  friendship  between Puri and Varma  is  all about. “Their Jai-Veeru act(the friends from Sholay) must have an ulterior motive.No one in this industry wastes time celebrating someone else’s success unless he has something  big to gain from it.”

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