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Ranbir Kapoor’s Special Bonding With Sanjay Dutt



Ranbir  Kapoor has always  idolized Sanjay Dutt. This is why he broke his no-biopics  rule  and  agreed to  play  Sanjay Dutt  in  Raj Kumar Hirani’s   bio-pic.

Now  the  bonding has grown even  stronger after Dutt’s illness.

Says a close  friend  of  Ranbir, “He has been there seen  it before, and that too not long ago. Ranbir took his father(Rishi Kapoor) through the whole  journey of cancer  treatment. He  knows what  it is like to watch someone very close go through  it.”

Apparently  Ranbir is  more deeply affected  by Dutt’s  illness than he  is willing to admit.

“Ranbir hides his feelings  far away from  prying eyes. He doesn’t allow even  those  closest to him to see what he feels. But this time Ranbir is  very disturbed,and everyone around him can see that,” says a close friend.

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