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Andhadhun Actress Rashmi Agdekar Shares Her Secret For Her Gorgeous Hair



Rashmi Agdekar

 Rashmi Agdekar Tells About The Secret For Her Beautiful Hair

Bollywood actress Rashmi Agdekar seems to age much slower than most of us, be it because of their extensive self-care routines and workouts or many more. They always need to deal with hectic schedules that involve shooting at the outdoor destinations, lots of travel, and hair cosmetics, Yet somehow, they still manage to have shiny beautiful hair. Let’s take a look into Rashmi Agdekar‘s haircare routine.

The Andhadhun fame actress Rashmi Agdekar is making her name as she has done a majestic job in past digital projects. The actress is mostly followed by youth and we can surely call her the current crush of most of the youngsters. The actress Rashmi Agdekar shared her secrets behind her flawless and silky hair which is indeed causing riots in the comment section among the followers. 
The actress spilled the beans she revealed, “To begin with I have been blessed with good genes and thus have dense silky hair. But my job requires me to color them, style them, etc which obviously damages and stresses them. Whenever I’m not shooting I stay away from using heat for my hair. This helps them to repair naturally. A consistently healthy diet, oiling my hair, and protecting from the sun are my daily routine for hair care. Also using the right products while styling my hair is crucial. Rather than going for fancy treatments, I prefer making them strong from within by the food I eat and supplements which play an important role!

Rashmi Agdekar received a huge fan following from the film Andhadhun alongside Ayushmann Khurrana, Tabu, Radhika Apte. Rashmi Agdekar recently shared an Instagram story where she will be seen having a great time along with her costars Ahsaas Channa‘, ‘Revathi Pillai” all set to return to Interns S2.
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