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Rhea Gone Missing? Close Friend Says No Party At Sushant’s Place

 A  wild story going around claims there was  a party at  Sushant Singh Rajput’s  residence on  June 13,   the  night before  his death on June 14 where  the son of a prominent politician in Maharashtra was said to be   present.

 However a  close friend of  the  aforementioned  politician’s son says  he was  definitely not at Sushant Singh Rajput’s residence  on   the evening  of June 13. “He was with us, a close group  of  friends talking on Zoom  from our respective homes. We  don’t know whether there  was  a  party at Sushant’s place.But he(the politician’s son) was  not there.”

Rhea  Chakrbaborty who it is being  said, hosted  parties frequently  at  her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput’s residence , has gone missing  from her own  residence in Mumbai. The  Bihar police  are in search of  Rhea and her family.

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Sources say  the Bihar  police will soon  trace Rhea and her  family to their hidden whereabouts   and  bring them in  for questioning. The   net is also closing in  on  Sushant’s flatmate  Sidharth  Pithani  who keeps making contradictory statements .


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