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Rhea Takes On The Paparazzi, Files A Formal Police Complaint



  Minutes  after  she reached her  home in Santa Cruz in  Mumbai after  a 10-hour interrogation  by  the  CBI, Rhea Chakraborty lodged a formal  complaint against  a certain section  of  the  electronic media,   at the Santa Cruz police station for  harassing her and her old  parents.

 This is a move that has startled  the  paparazzi . They  never expected Rhea to fight  back. She  has  again displayed  her  determination  to not take the media   hounding lying down.

Minutes after  Rhea lodged her police complaint , one of her  close friends  told this  writer,  “Good  that she is  finally  hitting back. Silence is  not  the  golden  solution when  you are being attacked so viciously. Rhea has realized this. Hence  the  interviews  giving her  point of view, hence  the formal  police complaint  against  the  paparazzi.”

According to  the friend Rhea has  reached the  end of her patience. “She’s on the edge. God forbid,if  she does something drastic to herself. The way she’s being cornered anyone would  cave in. The paps  are pushing her  to the brink,  breaking  into her  apartment compound. Some of them are even entering her home. This hounding must stop.”

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