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Rhea’s Interview With Rajdeep Sardesai Is Filled With Muted Aggression



 I am   glad  Rhea Chakraborty  has finally spoken.And  I’m glad  Rajdeep Sardesai  has given her a platform. To deny her a  voice just  because  the sentiment  is against her  ,is not just inhuman  it’s  also  illegal.

To see  a section of  the media blatantly taking sides  against her  is  shocking and  unreal. Is this  witch-hunting or  news reporting?

Having said this, I must say I  found her tone and  body language  alarmingly aggressive. Also  some of her defence was  downright absurd.According to Rhea, Sushant splurged 70 lakh rupees  on a vacation with his friends .Was  that supposed to be  a justification for  what he apparently  spent  on her?

 It is sad that Rhea  stands in  a place where  she needs  to explain her financial  equation with Sushant.She seems to feel she  was entitled  to  leave Sushant  as she couldn’t handle his mental condition.

When  you love  somebody  you  don’t  abandon  that  person when  that  person  needs you the  most.

Family, friends, girlfriend, why did Sushant  die alone?

As  far as Rhea Chakrabroty’s defence  is concerned it didn’t cut much  ice with Sushant’s  fans.It is doubtful  if Sushant  was claustrophobic in the cockpit, as  claimed. But there  is little doubt that he  was  in a claustrophobic relationship before his  death.

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