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Sacred Games Actor Jatin Sarna Defends Anurag Kashyap



Jatin Sarna  who played  the  violent and volatile Bunty  in  the Neflix blockbuster series Sacred Games  says his mentor Anurag Kashyap cannot  be guilty  of  sexual misconduct.

 Speaking exclusively to this writer Sarna said, “I think it’s very easy to target someone in that position, and that too at  a time when everybody is busy discussing lives of Bollywood people, almost neglecting the most important national  issues be it Corona, economy, rapes, unemployment, religion and cast war.”

  Jatin Sarna feels the  image of  the Indian entertainment industry as a den of debauchery  is  highly exaggerated. “It has became  fashionable to portray our  industry in  a  poor light.Having said that I also want to say there are always good and bad people there are victims and attackers  in every sector of society.”

    Jatin  feels Kashyap is  an easy target.  “Because Anurag Sir has been vocal about his thoughts on the  Establishment and other issues, he automatically becomes soft target.”

    Jatin refrains  from comment on the  allegations against Kashyap.  “I can’t say anything as the matter is in court.But seeing Anurag Sir closely and working with him gave me this sense that he is too involved in his work and he treats everyone equally. I have not witnessed  that he misbehaved or made sexual  advances towards  the   opposite sex on sets ,Even when I once went to his home for small get-together  he was  very courteous  with the  ladies. Testimony to his proper  conduct with  women  is his own ex-wives and the female actors who holds immense respect for him and are vocal about his good side and about   how he empower his women on screen and in his personal life.So  going back by  his reputation  I  don’t find anything fishy. I think we need more courageous man like Anurag sir. He has always stood up for new  talent, given opportunities  to outsiders  like me.I treat him  as my mentor and guru.’

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