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Saif Ali Khan Some Unknown Facts



Saif Ali Khan

1.     Saif Ali Khan  was fired from his first film Bekhudi by director  Rahul  Rawail. It was meant to be the launch film for  both  Saif and Kajol. But Saif got his very first  shot wrong. Rawail, not known to take  any nonsense from his actors, hired Kamal  Sadanah  instead   of Saif. Kamal could make  no headway in his career.Lucky escape for Saif?

2.      Saif Ali Khan’s role  in  Dil Chahta Hai was first offered  to Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik,a  close  friend of  director Farhan Akhtar  said no to the role of the indecisive Sameer.  The  role  and film were a turning  point in Saif’s career.

3.      For a long time  Saif Ali Khan was seen as ideal for strong second leads, like Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Kal Ho Na Ho, Tashan .Like Saif’s  mother Sharmila Tagore’s favourite costar  Shashi Kapoor. Saif in fact bears  more than a  passing resemblance  to Shashi  Kapoor.When I  once asked him about the comparisons he  replied, ‘Why not?  He is supposed to be very handsome,and talented, isn’t he?’ Saif’s first big hit as  solo hero was Kunal Kohli’s Hum Tum.

4.      Saif Ali Khan  fell in love with Kareena during the  shooting of  Tashan in 2008 while shooting in Ladakh. Kareena  planned  to inform Shahid Kapoor(her boyfriend at that time)  about  the development  after her return to  Mumbai. But the news of  Kareena’s closeness  to Saif had already reached Shahid from  the location.

5.      Saif Ali Khan  married Kareena in October  2012. About his previous marriage to Amrita Singh Saif had said to me  in an  interview, “My leaving Amrita  was not overnight. It was on the cards for a long time, and  another woman had nothing to do with it. When it (the separation) happened, it was like a very painful amputation. But it was also the best thing to do, given the circumstances. I don’t know what the future holds for us. But I feel whole and healthy.” Saif had  ruled out remarriage. “I’ve gone through it once. “I don’t know why these hard knocks are served up to me.Maybe I deserve to be treated this way. But the stress is taking its toll on me”

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