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Saif On Finally Joining NTR For A Telugu Film



 Saif Ali Khan  has  started shooting with  NTR Jr  in a  film being directed  by Koratala Siva.     Speaking exclusively to  this writer  on his  entry  into Telugu cinema Saif says, “Well, I’m super excited ! It’s new territory but also familiar . The set is efficient and well-organised and people are just really polite and kind . I’m having a lovely time.”

   About his  role in the untitled  film Saif reveals,  “It’s a very cool role and I’m working hard to make sure I deliver more than what is expected of me . My director Koratala Siva  is a passionate artist with infectious energy and a great vision ; he narrated to me for three hours and I was spellbound   emotionally involved all the way.”

    What is Saif’s  co-star  NTR Jr like?  “Oh, NTR is very friendly and charming and super -passionate also ! I admire the ambition of making a pan-India film .We are too used to thinking and working in terms of region and language .This is  NTR’s exciting  plan.”

    Saif is also excited  about other technicians in the  film. “The DOP(director of  photography)  is Rathnavelu who has shot amazing movies like Robot and it’s great to be lit and shot like this . It’s a fantastic vision and the movie’s scale is  very big .I take it as a great compliment that they are interested in my services . My pleasure entirely to be here. Fingers crossed this will be rocking!!”

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