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Salman Khan Goes Solo In Antim



Salman khan in Antim The Final Truth

For the  first time in his  career, Salman Khan has no leading lady opposite him  in Antim: The Final Truth  where he  plays Good (Sardar) Cop to his real-life brother-in-law Ayush Sharma’s Badass act.

While Sharma has television actress Mahima Makwana(she once was Balika  Badhu) opposite  him, Salman voluntarily opted   out of any romantic involvement, on screen at least.

 A sad comment on his real life love-life?

Director Mahesh Manjrekar reveals that a heroine(Pragya Jaiswal) was cast initially opposite Salman .Romantic scenes and  a song  were shot. But after these were  completed Salman  felt his character  would be better  off without a  leading lady. He told Manjrekar to remove the  romantic scenes.

A source  in the know reveals it was done in the interest  not so much of the film as Salman’s brother-in-law.

“There is too much of Salman in Antim. This would make his fans happy, but does nothing for Ayush who is looking at making a  post-debut splash after his debut Loveyatri(like Antim , also  produced  by Salman Khan) sank without a trace. Saman’s action scenes add  up to almost 25 minutes of playing time.  If  the romantic  angle was not eliminated  he would have been on screen  for nearly 40 minutes.  Salman didn’t want to wrest interest away  from Ayush in Antim.”

 That damage  has already been done, I am afraid.  Antim:  The  Final truth is  being perceived as a Salman starrer  by  the audience.  The other damage is to  Pragya  Jaiswal, a name in Telugu cinema  introduced by  the  redoubtable  Krish Jagarlamudi in  the Telugu hit Kanche in  2015, Pragya was  apparently looking forward to her  BIG  Bollywood break  with Salman Khan.She is  no longer a Bhai-product.

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