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Salman Khan To Deposit Rs 1500 In 25,000 Cine Workers’ Accounts…But Is That Enough?



Salman khan

More and   more  celebrities  are coming forward  to help and support  daily wage-earners  from the film industry   during this  period of unprecedented crisis. 

 But that’s  not enough. Stars and  filmmakers who earn in millions,  if not billions, are  sitting stubbornly tightfisted. Also, one hears  the  disturbing news that  many announcements  of  charity are just announcements  , nothing  more.

Nevertheless it is heartening to know  that at least some of the super-wealthy stars  feel at  least a prick, albeit a tiny one,  in their conscience. Salman Khan is  apparently ready to help 25 thousand workers.Netflix and Producers Guild of India  will help 7,000 cine workers with Rs 5,000 each.We hope they keep their word.

Yash Raj Films launches initiative to support film industry members. Salman Khan has come forward and pledged to offer monetary help to 25,000 daily wage earners of the film industry, the Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees (FWICE) said.

FWICE  claims  Salman Khan’s manager spoke to BN Tiwari (FWICE president) and asked us to send details of 35,000 workers from the federation.”Urgent situation’, International celebs pledge support for India amid COVID-19 crisis

The actor will be crediting Rs 1500 in the bank account of the industry workers. ”The star will be crediting Rs 1500 in each one’s bank account. He was helpful even last year when Covid first hit India, and he is back at it again,” says Ashoke Dubey .

Earlier it was reported, that the revenue earned from Salman’s upcoming film ‘Radhe’ will be distributed in COVID-19 relief work.

Tiwari revealed that the two organisations will transfer Rs 3.5 crore from the sum to 7,000 wage workers.”We are informed that Netflix and Producers Guild of India will help 7,000 cine workers with Rs 5,000 each. A total of Rs 3.5 crore help. We have sent them the list of the workers,” .

The FWICE president lamented the callous behaviour of the state and central governments, saying that there has been no help from them for the daily wage earners.”There is no help from the state or central government so far for the workers and this is really disheartening,” he said.

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