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Salman-Shah Rukh’s Hilarious Take On The Khan Hegemony



Shah Rukh-Salman

One of  the highlights of watching Pathaan is to see and hear Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan discussing their  dominance  at the top of  the game  for what seems like a very long time.

 They admit to one another that they are  boneweary. But they  also admit that there is little  they can do to change the status quo ,because  there  is no one else to take over from them.

“What about that one?”  Salman asks  SRK without naming anyone.

“What  about the other one?” asks Shah Rukh.

Then they  both sigh and shake their heads  in the negative.

The  entire end-credits  exchange between  the two Khan  superstars in Pathaan  has taken the film industry  and the  audience aback.

 Upon discreet inquiries on how that this ‘Tiger-Pathaan’ conversation  was incepted, it is revealed  that the  idea of  a self-deprecatory  conversation on their  longevous  stint  was producer Aditya Chopra’s  idea.

“He just wanted to make  a point, that  the Khans have their own untouchable place in the  film industry. The  younger actors  are  doing their own thing. But Salman-Shah Rukh-Aamir  are  in  a league of their own. Pathaan proves it,” says a source in the know.

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