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Salman Snatches Fans’ Phone


On and off  Salman Khan is known to get physically violent with fans. Some time ago he had snatched a journalist’s phone in Mumbai for clicking him while cycling.  This time  he is caught in a viral video snatching the phone  from a fan while exiting from the airport.

There  is no evidence that the  phone was  given back to the fan or that  Salman apologized( ha ha) for his  rash behaviour.

However  secretly he has  very little  support  from his fraternity.

A  prominent young actor  comments, “When  you are in a  public place you can’t  stop anyone from taking  your pictures. You can request  the  fan to  not click. But whether he or she  listens  to  you is not not in your hands.”

 In  the video Salman doesn’t even give the fan a chance to rectify the unwanted  attention. Without a word Salman is snatching the phone and walking on angrily.

Pushing the media around is  not uncommon behaviour for this Khan. Years ago he had bodily pushed  a television cameraperson. When I had asked him about Salman told me was “deliberately  provoked”  into reacting.

However in  this case I see no provocation.

A  very close friend  of Salman defends  his behaviour.  “Bhai doesn’t mind clicking  a picture with a  fam. But  he has to be asked. If you click him without consent  he gets upset.”

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