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Samantha Akkineni: Where Are The Heroes?



Samantha Akkineni

Post her separation from her husband Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Ruth Prabhu is on a comeback trail.

Not that she was ever missing from the screen. Even after she announced her marriage the offers kept pouring in. Now after her separation from her husband Samantha is getting tempting offers.

A leading Telugu banner Sridevi Productions has signed her for a heroine-oriented  film. But they are unable to find a leading man  .

A senior filmmaker analyzes the peculiar situation that Samantha finds her career in. “The A-listers of the Telugu film industry are all friends of Nagarjuna(Naga Chaitanya’s  father). They are wary of offending Nag, although he is not the kind to hold grudges. Besides, Nag remains fond of his former daughter-in-law. But we all know  how  the Telugu film industry works.”

Sources say Samantha would have to settle for a relatively less known face as her costar.

She finds herself in exactly the same position as Bollywood’s favorite female hero Taapsee Pannu whose heroine-oriented projects repel the A-lister heroes of Bollywood.

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