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Sandeep, Pinky And Dibakar Faraar



Yash Raj Films is finally releasing Dibakar Bannerjee’s  long-in-the-cans road thriller Sandeep & Pinky Faraar. A brave decision, if you ask me since Arjun Kapoor  films in recent times have not exactly been trailblazers.  His last  film with Parineeti Chopra  was  Vipul Shah’s  doomed  Namaste  England.

I know.

Given the excruciating far from pleasurable   circumstances the decision to release  Sandeep & Pinky Faraar  is  as brave as planning vacation  to  China.  An ominous title, since director  Dibakar Bannerjee has been pretty faraar(absconding)   except for  a segment of  Ghost Stories where zombies had taken over a deserted town.

One  doesn’t know whom Yash Raj expects  to target when this film releases  on  March 20.Zombies, perhaps?  Though let me  hasten to add that the trailer is not half as  bad as I expected. It has a certain flow  and an undercurrent  of predictable  tension runs through the relationship that builds between the  fugitive Sandeep Kaur(Parineeti) and her road companion  Pinky Dahia(Arjun Kapoor).

 I hope everyone got the joke about the hero with a feminine name and  the heroine with a  masculine name. If we can  get over  the sheer irony of that gender bender(ha ha) the trailer  provides us an entertaining  journey through the Indian hinterland. The supporting cast is sturdy.I spotted Neena  Gupta and Raghuvir Yadav , among others .

But there is no trace  of Dibakar Baneerjee’s  trademark style  anywhere in this Himayalan road trip.A kind of  Jab Bonnie(no relation to the Kapoor) met Clyde

As far as  I am concerned  Dibakar is still faraar.

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