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Sandeep Singh Sues Arnab’s Republic TV For Rs 200 Crores



Producer Sandeep Singh has sent a lengthy legal notice  accusing Arnab Goswami and his parent-channel  Republic TV of  lies , misinformation  , defamation and extortion.

The  notice  sent on 14 October  by lawyer Rajesh Kumar  on behalf of Singh records the numerous instances when Arnab and his team defamed  and harassed him and called him with the intention of  extortion.

It it to be noted that  Singh’s  elaborate  allegations and  a demand for a Rs 200 crorecompensation follows the  lawsuit against Republic TV and Times Now sent by 38 Bollywoodproducers and associations.

With major  allegations of  TRP-rigging  already pending  against Republic TV it looks like  a not so auspicious   Dussehra season  for Arnab Goswami.

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