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Sangram Singh’s Revulsion & Anger At Elderly Couple’s Suicide



Sangram Singh

India’s wrestling  champ and  former Big Boss winner Sangram Singh is very upset with the  double-suicide  of an elderly  couple 78-year-old Jagdish Chand and his 77-year-old wife Bhaagli. in Charkhi  Dadri . The couple   left a  note  accusing their children of  gross  negligence and cruelty.

Like every Indian citizen ,Sangram Singh  demands strict  action against the  deceased  couple’s  children.

 “What  kind  of  a society are we living in  where parents  are treated so  cruelly by their own  children? Jagdishji and Chandji, may God rest their soul, allege  that they were not given proper  food by their  children. Yeh kaise insaan hain jo apne maa-baap ko khana nahin deteInhe kaisi sanskaar miley hai(what sort of human beings  are these who deprive their  parents  of  food? What  sort  of  values do they possess?).”

Sangram  is barely able to control his tears.  “In our culture, parents are  treated as Gods. Is this how you treat  your godlike  parents? These  people should be given the strictest  possible  punishments  so that in  future, no child would dare  to be  cruel to his  parents.  If not  respect, then there should be fear of the law  to ensure  dignity and comfort for the  elderly.”

Sangram says the  thought  of  treating one’s parents  so badly that they  choose to end their lives is unthinkable.  “Lekin yehi sachchai hai hamare samaaj  ki.We have become  so selfish that we  don’t even care  about  those  who gave birth to us and made us what we are.”

Sangram  wishes for more  Hindi films on the theme of parental dignity. “There are  good  films like Bachchan Saab’s Baghban , Rajesh Khannaji’s Avtaar  and  Sanjeev Kumarji’s Zindagi(directed by Ravi Tandon). But not enough films  about the  plight  and opinion of the elderly.”

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