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Sanjay Dutt Beats Cancer,Celebrates With Wife & Kids



A  heavy load had been removed from Sanjay Dutt’s devoted wife Manayata’s head.  Her husband  , no stranger  to pain and  suffering, is apparently cancer-free.The  good news is yet to sink in.

“Maanayata has  been crying,  praying, praying , crying. She  has been  with him through  thick and think, through  incarceration and  illness. She’s  the  best  thing to have happened  to Baba. I don’t know what he  would have  done without her. When  Baba married her—this was  his third marriage—we  were all skeptical. But she has proven  herself to be  a completely devoted wife and mother,” says a  very close friend of Dutt.

As  news  of  Dutt’s recovery spread across  the  industry, the congratulatory calls  started coming in.  Among the  first to react was Ranbir Kapoor.A  diehard   Dutt fan,Ranbir has  made it career policy to  not work in  bio-pics. He  made one  exception: the  Sanjay Dutt pseudo-biopic Sanju.

Right now,  Dutt  doesn’t want to  move  out  of  his  wife and children’s  range  of  affection.

The  close friend  informs, “This brush with mortality has made Baba  more  domesticated than before. He wants  to spend every  waking minute with his twins and wife. He will go out to work  when he must.  Otherwise  , Baba’s days of partying and  drinking are  over.”

In an  interview    to me some  months ago, Sanjay Dutt had spoken of  the  need to  stay healthy. “staying fit is very important especially, during this time. So eat well, stay healthy and keep exercising. Time flies when I have my family with me virtually and it gives me immense joy to see them happy and dancing everywhere. Family is the greatest treasure than anything else.”

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