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No Lajja, No Rekha, No Madhuri In Heeramandi, Bhansali Reacts



The internet has virtually  exploded with  speculative deskjobs  about the casting of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s  ornate  and  lavish Heeramandi.

 Every day the nation and its favourite  gossip columnist wakes up to a new  (imaginary) addition to  the Heeramandi cast. The latest wand-waving brainwave has an eyeball-hungry  portal letting the world know that  the two  semi-retired screen divas Rekha and Madhuri Dixit are being cast  together in Heermandi for the  first time  since Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Lajja.

Firstly,  just to get  the facts right,  Rekha and Dixit were not cast together in Lajja. Yes they featured  in the film but were  cast in two different sections  of  Lajja   and had no scenes  together.

 Secondly, to set  the record straight, neither Rekha  nor Dixit has been  approached for  Heeramandi.

Reacting angrily  to what he describes as  “fantasy casting” Sanjay Bhansali  says,  “Just because we are  not  refuting any of  the speculative reports on the casting,the portals  are  going berserk doing  their own casting for my film. Every day I  wake  up to  hear who is in Heeramandi.”

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